Rocket Fuel to Break Through

Available in Hardback & E-Book

The Elegant Self in Hardback

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Your hardback copy of The Elegant Self, integrated with space to respond to critical questions and space to take notes and capture key reflections as you read, has been printed responsibly with the following sustainability certifications:

Sustainable Forest Initiative® SFI®
Endorsement of Forest CertificationPEFC
Forest Stewardship Council® FSC®

on the Nook

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on the Kindle

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on the iPad & iPhone

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The Elegant Self +

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The Elegant Self + is the same massively clarifying text, integrated reflection questions and tailored practices to cultivate and refine your elegance but it comes with over 3 hours of additional audio commentary by Rob McNamara.

The Elegant Self is available exclusively on the iPad, iPad Mini and Apple computers running OS X Mavericks or later.
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