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What are your 7 Free Strategies?

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Elevate Your Influence

Grow beyond the painful limits of
autonomy. Expand your impact
and influence.

Brighten Your Creativity

Turn creativity from something you
do into who you are.

Tools to Transform

Powerful, pragmatic exercises
to evolve you.

Reveal Perspectives

See new vantage points. Out
maneuver conventions. Reveal
elegance in your world.

Ignite Courage

Avoid betraying yourself.
Discover the larger courage you
belong to.

Ongoing Transformation

Reach beyond conventional change.
Allow life to transform you again and again.


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What Are People Saying?

The Elegant Self is a life changing opportunity

Diane Musho Hamilton

McNamara will teach you how to surf the waves of your own evolution

Arjuna Ardagh


McNamara provides insights into the healing of the dualistic mind, liberation from habituation, as well as into the blessings of mortality, incompleteness, and paradox…

David McCallum, S.J.

Jesuit Priest, Educator, Retreat & Spiritual Director
Dean of the Madden School of Business
Le Moyne College

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